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Moving biotech forward.

Meet the go-to communications partner for biotech.

We think differently. We think differently. We think differently. We think differently.
We think differently. We think differently. We think differently. We think differently.
We think differently. We think differently. We think differently. We think differently.
We think differently. We think differently. We think differently. We think differently.

Every company has a story to tell, and telling it effectively can impact your ability to secure investment, open the door to business development opportunities, and recruit the best talent. Scient exists to bring together the best communicators in the biotech industry with one purpose: To help innovator biotech companies tell their stories in a way that supports their business goals and moves their businesses forward.

Prospective Clients

Why Work With Scient?

Whether it’s securing investment, recruiting the best talent, successfully negotiating a research collaboration, or ramping up a clinical program, every single thing that affects and enables the success of biotech companies requires understanding, buy-in, and agreement from others. We’re experts in helping clients tell their stories in ways that create understanding and buy-in amongst all of their stakeholders. Our strategic approach is rooted in an intimate understanding of our client's business objectives and a desire to build successful, long-lasting relationships by consistently delivering results that exceed their expectations.

“Scient has been the perfect partner for Elevate as we have continued to build aworld-class technology company. They have provided essential domain expertiseand compelling communications programs in support of our business objectives.”

- Catherine Hu, SVP Corporate Communications and Investor Relations


Why Work At Scient

We bring together the best communicators in biotech and empower them to do their best work. We believe that by creating an environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and personal growth, we can build a team that is truly exceptional. Our agency culture is unique and non-hierarchical – we respect one another and are excited about the opportunity to help one another succeed. We believe in creating an inclusive and supportive environment that celebrates diversity of thought and encourages open communication. We prioritize work-life balance and offer flexible schedules and opportunities for professional development. By creating a culture that puts people first, we're able to attract and retain the best talent in the industry, allowing us to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

“I feel incredibly fortunate to work for a company that places such a high value on employee well-being. Our leadership recognizes that when we are happy and healthy, we are able to deliver exceptional work to our clients. It's not a trade-off between the two – we can have both. I feel supported in both my personal and professional life, and that has allowed me to thrive in my role. I'm proud to be be a part of the Scient team.”

- Sarah Bozaan, Head of Visual Communications

And we produce different results.





We work with some of the brightest stars in biotech.

The Scient Experience

We dive deep into each client’s science and business objectives to fully understand their story and how best to articulate it, and we work closely with our client colleagues to decide what the right strategies and tactics are needed to drive your business forward. Each company has unique needs, and no two plans are alike.

The experience to move clients forward.

Michael Lampe

Founder & CEO

Michael has spent nearly 30 years helping clients in the biotech and healthcare sector define their stories and engage with their stakeholders in ways that help achieve their business objectives. He has a deep understanding of the unique challenges biotech companies face, and how to create communications campaigns that move companies forward toward their goals. His areas of focus are communications strategy, messaging & positioning, reputation management, and executive and internal communications.

Before founding Scient, Michael led corporate media relations, reputation management, scientific communications, and merger-related communications at Wyeth. In addition, he led communications and corporate affairs for a Blue Cross chapter with national subsidiaries. Earlier in his career, he launched the New Jersey office of Feinstein Kean Healthcare, at the time, the premiere life-sciences communications agency.

Michael holds a Master's in public communication from American University and a Bachelor's in political science from Montclair State University.

Courtney Heath

Chief Client Officer

Courtney is a communications and branding expert with over 20 years of experience in the life sciences sector. She has worked with clients ranging from development-stage to the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, helping them build and strengthen their messaging and brand, increase visibility, and navigate important business milestones and transactions.

Courtney has a proven track record of developing compelling message and brand strategies that set her clients apart in a competitive marketplace. She has also managed and executed strategic communications programs for numerous business transactions, acquisitions, and crisis situations. Additionally, Courtney has helped multiple clients transition from private to public via traditional IPO or reverse merger, and led successful online and interactive campaigns to support key business objectives.

Prior to working at Scient, Courtney was Vice President of Life Sciences at Feinstein Kean Healthcare and has worked in-house at emerging biotech companies, both public and private. She holds a B.S. in Psychology from Syracuse University.

Adam Silverstein

Head of Media & Thought Leadership

Adam is a media relations and thought leadership expert with over 15 years of experience in the life sciences sector. He has counseled clients ranging from Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies to biotechnology startups. Adam aids corporate C-suites in understanding the landscape of news organizations writing about health, science, and medicine and developing meaningful reporter relationships that yield strong coverage and speaking opportunities. He has secured coverage in top-tier newspapers, broadcast outlets, and leading scientific and industry trades. He has supported clients across a range of strategically important milestones, including regulatory filings and approvals, data milestones, and business development deals. Prior to working at Scient, Adam owned and ran his own communications consultancy, Script Health, and was a Senior Vice President in the Healthcare practice at FleishmanHillard. He holds a B.A. in Communications from the University of Delaware.

Sarah Bozaan

Head of Visual Communications

Sarah brings a fresh perspective to the life sciences industry, with over 14 years of experience in creative direction, visual communications, and account management. A data-informed brand architect, she is passionate about leading creative teams and helping businesses achieve their goals by leveraging a blend of creative and aesthetic sensibility, and strategic acumen to execute intentionally crafted solutions for organizations.

Before her work at Scient, she served as managing director of an award-winning life sciences creative agency and has extensive experience working in agency and in-house environments. Sarah seeks to maintain a culture of curiosity and safety to promote the open dialogue required for successful collaboration. She enjoys working with creatives and critical stakeholders to uncover and develop thoughtful and authentic stories for brands.

An award-winning multi-disciplinary artist with a history of solo, juried/invitational exhibitions, and lectures, her work has shown across the United States. She is currently represented by the Hudson River Gallery in Iowa City, IA. 

Suzanne Madore

Head of Social Media and Digital

Suzanne is a social media expert who has grown content programs and created innovative strategies combining social media, PR, and creativity. As a strategist for leading biotech companies, she provides customized, holistic solutions to build authentic relationships with target audiences, emphasizing the importance of long-term connections.

Different thinking for different results.

“When I started Scient more than 10 years ago, I set out to create a different kind of PR firm. One that was firmly rooted in our client’s business objectives, enabled clients to have access to senior-level strategic communicators, provided proactive and creative thinking, and delivers clients the highest quality work – all while having fun.”

-Michael Lampe, Founder & CEO Scient

What We Do


Impactful Media Engagement

Impactful Media

Our team is deeply engaged with biotech and life-sciences reporters. We understand the unique interests of each outlet and journalist and develop approaches that target the right reporters and outlets for any given story. Our relationships also provide clients with insights on emerging trends in the biotech media landscape that may impact their story or business.


Smarter Social


Social media is more than just shortening content for LinkedIn or Twitter. Successful social media requires an understanding of how social media users consume content and interact with each other when they’re active, and what unique topics and formats resonate with them. Our approach is deeply rooted in these insights and enables us to create social strategies that reach stakeholders directly, significantly increasing engagement and pull-through on calls to action.


Dynamic Brand and Visual Communication

Dynamic Brand and
Visual Communication

A strong visual communications strategy is essential for maintaining your brand identity and communicating your science. Your brand is more than just your logo and design elements. A strong brand is intentional. It sets the foundation for connecting with your audience and supporting your corporate strategy. It's how you're perceived by the public. We create and implement compelling visual communications strategies – from brand design to websites, video, and animations – that integrate into an overarching communications strategy to advance business objectives.


Thoughtful Thought Leadership

Thoughtful Thought

Effective thought leadership strategies can position company executives as trusted, insightful, and capable leaders, while also enhancing brand credibility and recognition, and attracting investors and partners. Activities including speaking engagements, article writing, and awards provide opportunities for sharing a company's story and building industry relationships. Our team offers informed guidance to identify the most valuable opportunities, secures speaking engagements, and creates supportive content to ensure successful outcomes for our clients.


Compelling Content


Creating compelling content is one of the most effective tactics for engaging your stakeholders and delivering your messages directly and effectively. By crafting informative, educational, and relevant content, we help clients effectively explain their science, reinforce their value proposition, offer unique perspectives, and spark important dialogues.

Insightful Engagement
Compelling Content
Thoughtful Leadership
Smarter Social
Intentional Brands

Client Coverage