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Scient visual communications launch and rebrand


With the creation of our visual communications practice, we knew the importance of first looking inward at our own existing visual identity to ensure it reflected our expanded capabilities, culture, and unique position in the market. We arrived at "Moving biotech forward," for our tagline but needed more than words. We worked as a team to revamp our brand messaging and visual identity to better convey our capabilities, culture, and unique position in the market.


We started by conducting thorough research to clarify our strategy. Our brand had to communicate forward motion and progress, so we focused on developing a visual identity that embodied this ethos which included an animation that conceptually demonstrates our logomark. We also wanted to pay homage to our collective appreciation for journalism and the art of storytelling, so we incorporated nods to print and newspaper design into our look and feel. By combining these elements, we created a cohesive brand identity and website that better reflected Scient's position in the market.

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Our revamped branding is having a significant impact on our business. Customers now have a clearer understanding of our capabilities, culture, and unique positioning, which has helped drive increased business and market share. The new visual identity has also been well-received, with customers and industry professionals alike praising its modern, forward-thinking design. Overall, our solution helps move our business forward and cements our position as the leading communications agency moving biotech forward.